L2 Sacred Welcomes You

Welcome to L2 Sacred! We offer a retail-like experience with a twist. Crafting and leveling up are at the core of our gameplay. Upgrade your items to become more powerful. Cruma Tower is closed, and Cruma Swamp is now revamped for levels 76-85. Explore it for exciting custom drops and engaging PvP battles. Join us for a unique journey filled with new opportunities and challenges. We can't wait to have you as part of our community!.

A New Era of Lineage 2 High Five Awaits You!

Join us at L2 Sacred, the ultimate location for Lineage 2 High Five servers. Players seeking fresh and unparalleled gaming experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in a server like none out there. We prioritize fairness, stability, and a vibrant community. Here's what makes L2 Sacred stand out:

Custom Cruma and Drops

A new experience is to be had in Cruma.

Its a new PvP zone offering unrivaled fun

Mobs have been boosted, drops have changed and

work towards gaining new upgrade options

by collecting Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins. Starting at level 61 You can start earning your way

to the top through a new means.

Weapon, Armor and Accessory stones.

Achieve your goals with work and dedication rather than just paying your way to the top.

Three Boxes Allowed

Experience the ability to adapt in L2 Sacred

Top buffs are only by playing the classes

Earn your way to the top. Skill and Class choices

Will shape your destiny. Farewell unfair advantages, Hello clan support.

A level playing field that rewards strategy and teamwork.

Unique experience without P2W buffs

No Bots! No Cheaters!

We're committed to providing an authentic gaming experience free from the interference of bots. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to keep the server bot-free, ensuring fair competition and an engaging gameplay environment.

An anti-cheat system that we continuously improve to keep bots at bay.

We have no mercy with people that breaks our rules. Fair play!


  • Experience: 20x
  • Skill Points: 10x
  • Adena Drop: 12x
  • Item Drop: 2x
  • Spoil Rate: 5x
  • Custom Features

  • Auto Loot and Auto Loot Herbs (setting)
  • Custom Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins
  • Cruma Swamp - PvP, Custom Drop Zone lvl 76+
  • Offline Private Store Sales
  • GM Shop
  • Buffs in community
  • Teleport in community
  • Raids Respawn Duration:

  • Common raids: 18h +9h random
  • Anakim/Lilith: 18h +9h random
  • Queen Ant: 24h +4h random
  • Orfen: 36h +4h random
  • Zaken: 48h +4h random
  • Baium: 124h +4h random
  • Frintezza: 48h +4h random
  • Antharas: 196h +4h random
  • Valakas: 268h +4h random
  • Skills:

  • Skills auto learned
  • 3rd class Spell Books drop or purchase from S-Coin
  • Retail amount of Buff Slots
  • Buff Expansion books available
  • 3h Buff and 6h buff with premium
  • Auto-Farm:

  • Everyone has Auto-Farm
  • Parties work with auto-assist/auto-heal
  • Setup Multiple Skills with Auto-Farm